The disturbing truth about blogging

September 10, 2010Posted by Julios


The disturbing truth about blogging is, the less you write, the more visitors you get to your blog . And if you write nothing, visitors will keep on coming back for more nothing. That is a weird lesson to learn 1300 posts into the life of a blog!

Zero new input adds 40% more traffic!

September 10, 2010Posted by Nanis


Over the past year, I have been writing like a twat every day, and traffic has been building steadily to 10000 visitors a month. However, this month to date, for various boring reasons, I have totally failed in my efforts to entertain my readers with any new material whatsoever. . During that neglectful time, I was amazed to learn that traffic has shot up from 10,000 a month to nearly 14,000 people in 3 weeks, an all time record.

That means The Pisstakers are generating 40% more traffic by writing nothing new. How disturbing is that!

An empty blog won't do it, but...

September 10, 2010Posted by Fifa


Before you start a blog , leave it full of white space, and sit back to reap the rewards, I should point out that at the time of my last entry, there were already about 1300 posts, in total, sitting here, winking at new visitors. So, zero posts won't exactly captivate an audience, but zero new additions to a body of work may not do any harm!!!!

In fact, the grim truth is that thousands of new visitors didn't give a monkeys that there was nothing new to see. They found this blog via a year-old post on why Valentines Day sucks. I guess it was reassuring to learn that so many people wanted to find out what I thought about the day of love 12 months ago? The really stupid thing is, all I did was post a link to another site where someone else had done all the head scratching research on what is so sucky about Feb 14th.

Incredible - Darkest before dawn

September 10, 2010Posted by Billy


It may sound incredible, but I tend to look on the bright side of life. However, for the last couple of days of illness, I have been wondering where the light was coming from.

They say it gets darkest just before dawn. Pessimists say that it gets darkest just before it goes completely black. Well, after an unnervingly hot fever attack last night, I can now announce that I woke up this morning in the light.

For a couple of hours it was like that scene in The Incredibles where the over-weight super hero was squeezing and squeezing and squeezing, and finally, he popped into his escape tube. I popped in the night.

I am not up to saving the world today, but maybe tomorrow.