Funny junk
aka nifty hidden features

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A selection of features, ideas, links and stuff that we have started and still maintain, or started and abandoned or just started and may still abandon. Bookmark them for posterity, just in case.

Funny quote of the day - Amusing quotes. Some we research, others we invent. Our most successful feature on the whole site, Google likes it!

Deal of the day - Techboggle search out the best prices for computer & tech products and then the Pisstakers make a quick comment. Proving very useful and popular.

Solitaire game - This insightful section is about mainly free solitaire games, the world's most used and best understood application on a PC today!.

An improving digg record! Ed the Editor is trying - but is not too hot in the digg world!

Quite funny cartoons - laugh about everything to do with animals.

Good Questions - Snappy list of questions that will keep opinionated pisstakers occupied for hours. Good source of ideas for topics for webmasters too.

Pisstakers on-line shopping cart comparison An ongoing experiment where we find and set up keyword-driven shopping carts. See what products are spewed out of various databases via keywords, and reviews of novelty products for men who have everything.

This Week's Jackass Brain Splat - When people just can't help themselves and say or do something to set tongues wagging.

News elsewhere - A collection of satirical news from around the globe.

Resource box for scams - This started out as a resource for webmasters short of material, now it has been dedicated to scammers stories. Send 'em in.