Pisstakers Privacy Policy


The Pisstakers have a really simple Privacy policy. We would never knowingly share anything we know about you with anyone.

Essentially, we go through life without ever wanting to know any personal information about anyone. It is a man thing.

Winners of sundry competitions may need to send us a postal address. I will not do anything with that info beyond the need for post and packing.

Comments When you submit a comment you are given the option to leave Homepage and email info. These are optional. If you leave an email address then it is stored primarily on the comments host's secure server, and then I am notified and the details are stored on my email provider's secure server. This info may be accessible on the computer if a 3rd party gains access to it.

For security, I operate the computer on a password protected account behind a firewall and password protected router.

When it comes to handling your money, rest assured, we will leave it to third party experts like PayPal, with padlocks on their pages, to keep everything in order.

Handling of comments I have a license in all content posted in the site. More specifically I will not have a duty to modify or withdraw posts, but I may do so, if I choose. In this way I can ensure that I have effective control over the user-driven content on my site, even if I do not have actual ownership of the content.

Anonymous comments are not allowed This is to avoid the unlikely situation where an anonymous poster required me to remove a comment!

Illegal info, copyright infringements posted here by others ... If required I will turn over the information to any and all requesting authorities so that I will be covered legally, if a criminal issue ever comes up. It isn’t a perfect solution, but until the law clears up, it is a lot better than getting sued.

If you need to know more about that in depth privacy policy, just ask and we will say whatever you want to hear.