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How to use BT Home Hub as wireless printer server with Mac

BT suck the big one as a telecom company, with billions of investment, it still takes them 5 days to turn broadband on once a new phone line has been installed! Yes, it must be sooo hard to press that button. And they have loads of technically unhappy customers, with issues galore with their "free" modem. It costs us all an arm and a leg on the phone to Brad in Bombay to sort things out. And them that know reckon the router is a swiss cheese of insecurity. Anyway, if you have a BT Home Hub and want to use it as a wireless printer server with a Mac here goes:

This is what I did to make my old Apple Titanium Powerbook running Tiger 10.4.9 print wirelessly with a Brother 135DPC all-in-one printer -a simple appliance that claims to have zero wifi or bluetooth connectivity options.

The Powerbook was connected by ethernet to the Home Hub.

Having read the painful steps on Windows, I just cherry-picked the salient steps and came up with a quick and easy solution.

Plug USB cable from printer into side of Home Hub.

Go to System Preferences>Sharing>Share Printer (I don't know if this matters but it is what I did)

Go to Utilities>Printer Setup Utility>Add Printer (I already had the Brother selected as default, but it needs to be recognised as an IP printer now.)

Select LDP protocol

Enter IP address

Select the correct model of printer


That was it. I made it the default printer.

After setting it up, I went back on to Airport and am printing wirelessly.

The Printer Set Up Utility is now quite slow to reappear, spinning wheel job, so something isnt quite sweet, but it shows up after a couple of minutes.

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