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Simple Rate this Article script for blogs

After searching high and low on Google, at last, Lordy Lordy, we have found a simple, stylish and free way to add a Rate this article feature to Rapidweaver and other blogs that do not have an interactive rate or vote feature built-in. Thankyou Pro.rate for a rate this article solution that requires no php scripting, no hand-coding

Just copy and paste some javascript generated by Pro.rate anywhere on your blog page (include a link to the article) and there you have it - an instant voting feature that brings idiot webmasters like us into the modern age of user participation! Apply it to articles, see what users think of new features, the possibilities are endless. As it makes use of AJAX, there is no page reload. Cool.

For Rapidweaver users

The Rate this article script installs neatly in the title of a blog. ie Add two html line breaks (BR) after the title followed by the javascript code which should include the article's Permalink URL. There is a further update here on the RW forum.

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